• API documentation - Official jQuery documentation.
  • Code School - Learn the basic building blocks of jQuery 2.0 and enjoy new video tutorials for beginners with related programming challenges.
  • Codecademy jQuery track - Beginners track for learning jQuery.
  • Learning jQuery - Tips, techniques, and tutorials for the jQuery JavaScript library.
  • Style guides - jQuery's code style guides when contributing to jQuery projects.
  • Tuts+ - Useful and indepth articles about jQuery.
  • jQuery guide for teams - Tips to write consistent jQuery code, easy to use and understand by your team.
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Miscellaneous Resources
  • Animsition - A simple and easy jQuery plugin for CSS animated page transitions.
  • fakeLoader.js - Lightweight plugin that helps you create an animated spinner with a fullscreen loading mask to simulate the page preloading effect.
  • jQuery Transit - Super-smooth CSS3 transformations and transitions for jQuery.
  • Material Design Preloader!s - Recreation of the Material Design preloader.
  • Midnight - Switches fixed headers on the fly.
  • Parallax.js - Scrolling effect.
  • Scrollify - Assists scrolling and snaps to sections. Touch optimised.
  • Waves - Click effect inspired by Google's Material Design.
  • Froala WYSIWYG HTML Editor - jQuery WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor based on HTML5.
  • Hallo - Simple rich text editor (contentEditable) for jQuery UI.
  • jQuery Notebook - A modern, simple and elegant WYSIWYG rich text editor.
  • jQuery TE - Lightweight HTML editor.
  • TinyMCE - Popular WYSIWYG editor with jQuery build and a jQuery integration plugin.
  • Bootstrap Multiselect - Multiselect for Bootstrap.
  • File Upload - File Upload widget with multiple file selection, drag&drop support, progress bar, validation and preview images, audio and video.
  • Ideal Forms - Framework for building and validating responsive HTML5 forms.
  • jQuery Form Plugin - Easy and unobtrusive HTML forms upgrade to use AJAX.
  • jquery-minicolors - A tiny color picker plugin.
  • Justified Gallery - Allows you to create a gallery with a justified grid.
  • Labelauty - A lightweight and beautiful plugin for radio and checkbox inputs.
  • Payform - A library (with jQuery plugin) for building credit card forms, validating inputs, and formatting numbers.
  • Pickadate - The mobile-friendly, responsive, and lightweight date & time input picker.
  • Select2 - Select box with support for searching, tagging, remote data sets, infinite scrolling.
  • selectize.js - jQuery based hybrid of a textbox and <select> box.
Images, Maps and Charts
  • AnyChart-jQuery - Plugin for easily using AnyChart JavaScript charting library with jQuery.
  • Arbor - Graph visualization library using web workers and jQuery.
  • Chart.js - Simple HTML5 Charts using the <canvas> tag.
  • Cropper - A simple image cropping plugin.
  • Dense.js - Serving retina-ready, high pixel ratio images with ease.
  • Flot - Attractive charts.
  • Gridder - Displays a thumbnail grid expanding preview similar to the effect seen on Google Images.
  • jquery.sparkline - Generate small sparkline charts.
  • jQuery.eraser - Erasing image with mouse or touch movements.
  • jQuery Mapael - Plugin based on raphael.js that allows you to display dynamic vector maps.
  • jQueryGantt - Gantt editor.
  • Nivo Slider - Beautiful and easy to use image slider.
  • Owl Carousel 2 - Responsive carousel slider.
  • Peity - Progressive <svg> pie, donut, bar and line charts.
  • Unite Gallery - Responsive jQuery image and video gallery plugin.
  • Viewer - A simple jQuery image viewing plugin.
  • JQuery-linechart - Simple and lightweight library for creating line charts
  • jQuery contextMenu - Management facility for context menus.
  • jPanelMenu - Creates a paneled-style menu (like the type seen in the mobile versions of Facebook, Google and native iPhone applications).
  • jQuery-menu-aim - Fires events when user's cursor aims at particular dropdown menu items.
  • mmenu - App look-alike on- and off-canvas menus with sliding submenus.
  • Multi-level push menu - Allows endless nesting of navigation elements.
  • Slidebars - jQuery framework for off-canvas menus and sidebars.
  • stickUp - Sticks an element to the top of the browser window while scrolling past it, always keeping it in view.
  • Superfish - Adds usability enhancements to existing multi-level drop-down menus.
  • Yamm - Yet another megamenu for Bootstrap 3.
Plugins for modals
  • animatedModal.js - Plugin for creating fullscreen modals with CSS3 transitions. You can use the transitions from animate.css or create your own.
  • Avgrund - Plugin for your modal boxes and popups with new concept of showing depth between popup and page.
  • Bootstrap Modal - Extends the default Bootstrap Modal class. Responsive, stackable and ajax.
  • iziModal - Elegant, responsive, flexible and lightweight modal plugin with jQuery.
  • jBox - Powerful and flexible plugin which takes care of all modal windows, tooltips and notices.
  • jQuery Modal - Simple and lightweight method of displaying modal windows.
  • jQuery Popup Overlay - Responsive and accessible modal windows and tooltips.
  • Lightbox - JavaScript library used to overlay images on top of the current page.
  • Magnific Popup - Fast, light and responsive lightbox plugin.
  • SweetAlert - A beautiful replacement for JavaScript's alert.
  • tipso - A Lightweight Responsive jQuery Tooltip Plugin.
  • vex - A modern dialog library which is highly configurable and easy to style.
  • Bootgrid - A grid control especially designed for bootstrap.
  • Bootstrap table - A powerful table control designed for bootstrap.
  • DataTables - Advanced interaction controls for HTML tables.
  • FancyGrid - JavaScript grid library with charts integration and server communication.
  • Filter Table - Live searching/filtering for HTML tables.
  • FloatThead - Sticky headers. Supports responsive, window and overflow scrolling.
  • FooTable - Make HTML tables responsive.
  • Isotope - Filter & sort magical layouts.
  • HighchartTable - Simple way to convert HTML data tables to Highcharts graphs.
  • jqGrid - Grid plugin.
  • jQuery treetable - Show a tree structure in a table.
  • jsGrid - Lightweight grid plugin.
  • Stackable.js - Stacking tables on small screens.
  • Stupid Table Sort - A stupidly small and simple jQuery table sorter plugin.
  • tableExport.jquery.plugin - Export HTML table to JSON, XML, CSV, TXT, SQL, Word, Excel, PNG or PDF.
Time and Date
  • jQuery Timer Plugin - Start/Stop/Resume/Remove pretty timer inside any HTML element.
  • Timeago - Easy support of automatic updating fuzzy timestamps (e.g. “4 minutes ago”).
  • i18n properties - Lightweight plugin for providing internationalization to JavaScript from .properties files
  • jquery.i18n - jQuery based Javascript internationalization library for easy internationalization of web application
  • jquery.localize.js - Easy internationalization of your static web site
  • FormValidation - Form fields validator, designed for Bootstrap, Foundation, Pure, Semantic UI, UIKit and other frameworks.
  • h5Validate - An HTML5 form validation plugin for jQuery.
  • jQuery Form Validator - Validate user input while keeping your HTML markup clean from JavaScript code.
  • jquery-validation - Drop-in validation for your existing forms, while making all kinds of customizations to fit your application really easy.
  • jQuery.validationEngine - Validation of form fields in the browser.
Miscellaneous Plugins
  • Boilerplate - A jump-start for jQuery plugins development.
  • Interlink - Event interlink plugin.
  • Sisyphus - Gmail-like client-side drafts and bit more.
  • Slugify - Creates a URL slug as you type a page title (like Django slugify()).
  • Readmore.js - A lightweight jQuery plugin for collapsing and expanding long blocks of text with “Read more” and “Close” links.
  • Yahoo! Emoticons - Yahoo! Emoticons JQuery Plugin.
  • autoNumberic - autoNumeric is a standalone library that provides live as-you-type formatting for international numbers and currencies.
  • jQuery mobile - Lightweight framework for building mobile web apps with HTML5.
  • Interdimensional - Spatial scrolling on mobile devices for your web pages.
  • OhSnap!.js - A simple jQuery/Zepto notification library designed to be used in mobile apps.
  • Dragula - Framework agnostic drag and drop library, supports jQuery integration.
  • jQuery UI - Curated set of user interface interactions, effects, widgets, and themes built on top of the jQuery.
  • jQuery Enhanced Splitter - Create draggable content splitters to emulate frames and separate content.
  • tabulous.js - Tabs for todays web
  • X-editable - In-place editing with Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery UI or pure jQuery.
  • Qunit - A JavaScript Unit Testing framework, used by the jQuery, jQuery UI and jQuery mobile projects.
  • Mockjax - Provides a simple and extremely flexible interface for mocking or simulating ajax requests and responses.
  • Forum - Official forum.
  • Freenode - Support IRC channel for users of jQuery, jQuery UI, and jQuery Mobile.
  • Stack Overflow - Support on Stack Overflow.
  • Facebook - Large and active group on Facebook.
  • - Large and active group on
  • Reddit - Discussion and sharing news, articles, plugins and tutorials, covering jQuery Core, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile, and other related projects.
  • Google+ - Large and active group on Google+.
  • Quora - Ask and answer questions on Quora website.
  • Meetup - Get involved locally.
  • Twitter - Official news and updates from the jQuery team on Twitter.