Books and Resources
Command-Line Productivity
  • aliases - Contextual, dynamic, organized aliases for the bash shell
  • bashhub - ☁️ Bash history in the cloud. Indexed and searchable.
  • bashmarks - Directory bookmarks for the shell
  • commacd - A faster way to move around in Bash
  • has - has helps you check presence of various command line tools and their versions on path
  • hstr - Bash History Suggest Box
  • qfc - File-completion widget for Bash and Zsh
  • sshrc - Bring your .bashrc, .vimrc, etc. with you when you SSH
  • bash-git-prompt - An informative and fancy Bash prompt for Git users
  • bash-powerline - Powerline-style Bash prompt in pure Bash script
  • bashstrap - A quick way to spruce up OSX terminal
  • git-prompt - Bash prompt with Git, SVN and HG modules
  • gittify - A colorful Bash prompt + customized Git aliases
  • liquidprompt - A full-featured & carefully designed adaptive prompt for Bash & Zsh
  • mysql-colorize - Colorization for mysql comand-line client
  • oh-my-git - An opinionated git prompt for bash and zsh
  • - Simple & sexy progressbar for bash, give it a duration and it will do the rest .
  • sexy-bash-prompt - Bash prompt with colors, Git statuses, and Git branches
  • bash-sensible - An attempt at saner Bash defaults
  • BigBash - Open-source converter that generates a bash one-liner from an SQL Select query, no database necessary
For Developers
  • bocker - Docker implemented in 100 lines of bash
  • git-sh - A customized Bash environment suitable for Git work
Downloading and Serving
  • balls - Bash on Balls
  • bashttpd - A web server written in Bash
  • Dropbox-Uploader - Dropbox Uploader is a Bash script which can be used to upload, download, list or delete files from Dropbox
  • ngincat - Tiny Bash HTTP server using netcat
  • xiringuito - SSH-based VPN for poors
  • bashblog - A Bash script that handles blog posting
  • pushbullet-bash - Bash interface to the PushBullet API
  • - A simple and extensible shell script for managing your todo.txt file
  • cheapci - A continuous integration framework implemented in bash
Shell Package Management
  • bash-it - A community Bash framework
  • basher - A package manager for shell scripts
  • bpkg - A lightweight bash package manager
  • homeshick - Git dotfile synchronizer written in Bash
Shell Script Development
  • ansi - ANSI escape codes in pure bash - change text color, position the cursor, much more
  • argbash - Bash argument parsing code generator
  • - Bash unit testing framework
  • BashScriptTestingLibrary - A unit testing framework for Bash scripts
  • bash3boilerplate - Templates to write better Bash scripts
  • bashful - A collection of libraries to simplify writing Bash scripts
  • bashmanager - mini bash framework for creating command line tools
  • bats - Bash Automated Testing System
  • bash_unit - bash unit testing enterprise edition framework for professionals
  • mo - Mustache templates in pure bash
  • semver_bash - Semantic Versioning in Bash
  • shfmt - Format bash programs
  • shunit2 - A unit test framework for Bash scripts with a flavour of JUnit/PyUnit
  • bashing - Smashing Bash into Pieces - Bash framework for creating command line tools
  • Stack Overflow - Bash tag on Stack Overflow
  • /r/Bash - A subreddit dedicated to bash scripting
  • /r/CommandLine - for anything regarding the command line, in any operating system
  • #bash - IRC channel on freenode. The main contributors of the BashGuide, BashFAQ, BashPitfalls and ShellCheck hang around there